The main application deadline is on 15th January for admission the following September. However, several universities accept applications by the end of August depending on course availability.
Most universities accept a range of alternative qualifications in addition to standard A Levels. Many of our students get admitted to UK universities based only on their Apolyterion and English Language certificate.
No! We have advised and helped a number of students to apply to universities in other European countries based on the popularity and rigor of the courses; for example, architecture in Italy and medicine in Germany. Please visit the Testimonials page for examples. If you are interested to find more, please contact our offices for advice.
There are several universities which offer extended degrees; these are degrees with an additional foundation year aimed at strengthening your knowledge and skills so that you can successfully proceed to year 1 of the normal degree.
Soldiers are able to apply and reserve their place for a maximum period of two years.
In order for a student to apply to a university for undergraduate studies we require B’ Lyceum grades/Apolyterion or A Level results and one reference letter. For postgraduate studies we require official transcripts and 2 reference letters. Also both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants are required to provide an English language certificate (IGCSE/IELTS) prior to their admission in September.
All EU students irrespective of their economic background are eligible to apply for the European Loan offered by the Student Loans Company UK. The loan covers the tuition fees for your undergraduate studies and it is only repayable once you have graduated and secured a job with a minimum of 21,000 GBP annual salary. You may contact us for further details regarding the application process and re-payment conditions.
If a student has excellent grades in his Apolyterion/A Levels or Degree he/she is eligible to apply for partial οr full undergraduate and graduate scholarships based on academic merit.
We will help you chose the most suitable accommodation either on university campus or private student halls close to the University.
Accommodation and living expenses together range from 9,000 to 14,000 Euros depending on the type of accommodation and location.
Most of university owned accommodation and the accommodation sites we cooperate with accept payments in 2-3 instalments.
Students who need to work to cover part of their living expenses can look for part time jobs at the university once they have arrived there. Also they may seek for a part-time job in town.